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This is a little blog about my life here on my little farm in the city. I am a wife, a mom, a grandma to 6 beautiful grandchildren. I live in a very small Mayberry like town in South Carolina . We live on the banks of a small river in the woods. I raise chickens and this year I really plan to try my hand at a small garden so that I can use the products for canning this year. It will be a venture since all we have is this lovely red clay that is hard as a brick, but I have high hopes. I am an avid knitter and crocheter and I love to work on new patterns that I find. You will probably find much of my work here as I finish it. Well thanks for stopping bye and please stop in often and stay as long as you like. Trudy

Monday, January 27, 2014

The winter ho- hums!

I know I have  been away for  a while and I am so sorry for that.   Once I returned home from  Michigan and the grands,  I just  seem to not  be  able to get  past the  winter ho hums.    I miss the  grands  terribly, they live so far.   My  son in the  military  is in Oklahoma with his family and that  is pretty far from us.  So  much  has  happened in  2013 and  it  was not  my  best  year, we  suffered  a great tragedy  a little over a month ago.  My oldest  son  Joshua  went  home to be with the lord.    I hope that  2014 will be  much better with much happiness and good memories.  

I have  been working  on getting this new home in Florida  all situated and to our liking and  finally  I think we are there,  I am not the  best fan of  Florida,  but  it is for my husbands health  that  we came  here.  Don't get me wrong ,  the scenery is  beautiful in places,  the  ocean is magnificent!  We are  very close to Daytona Beach and the  home of the Nascar  big  race  which is  coming  very soon I might add.  We  have  made some  wonderful friends here in our  little park .  Our  home  is  small and  cute  and  we have  all we need,   I  am just  not a fan of the  really hot humid weather.  Never have been really  as I suffer from allergies especially from molds,   I  don't  care for the  really "so hot, you sweat the minute  you get  out of  bed " weather ,  but  I  do like the  winters .     I must  admit  that  I truly miss my  South Carolina  home and all the wonderful memories and  friends we left behind there.  That  was the one home that  truly felt like "home " and  where  I thought I would grow very old.  The house was amazing  and  where  we lived  was beautiful!  This may sound crazy but  I even miss of all things  my favorite radio station and  no station  here fills the void.  But  I must  stop all of this  whining and  shame on me  for do so.

On to happier  things , after almost 8 long years my son Justin and his family are  just  49 days  away from leaving the  military  behind and moving this way .  I am so  happy that  we will have  family closer to us  that  I can not  wait for the day when I can finally  hug my family again and  have  one of my grands  to play with .  I  truly wish my daughter and her family  lived closer ,  I miss them soo very much  every day and  there is so much I am missing of my  girls growing  up .

Life is  not  so bad here, I could say .  I  have  more time  to do what  ever it is  I care to do every day ,  I have  been doing a lot of work on my  crochet and my knitting  making  sweaters and  hats  and  mittens for  grands and for us.  I  have  learned how to pinch  some  pennies and make  more things  for us such and  air fresheners , furniture polishes , and  soaps . I have  expanded my  baking  skills  to making  more and more yummy  things  and  less  buying  of  things  .  Even if it  does  not save some pennies,  the  enjoyment and  the knowledge that  I can do this  gives a great  satisfaction.  

So  that  is  what has been keeping us  busy  here in Florida.  I promise that now  that  we have settled in I shall return much more often and  share  much more what is going on in our little piece  here in  Sunflower Farms.   I  hope  that  you are all doing well and that  life is  taking care of you all as  best it  can.  My  thoughts  and prayers  go out  for all of you that  are dealing with all this  very cold and  snowy weather this  winter.  I was born and raised in Michigan  and lived there many  many years  .  I must  say  I do not  miss it anymore.  Even  my South Carolina  home is  suffering this winter.  So  I pray for everyone  and that  they will come through this  winter safely.  Until later friends ,  take care , stay warm and  be kind to one another, and tell someone that  you love them today , tomorrow is not  promised !   Hugs !

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