Welcome to my little farm in the city.

This is a little blog about my life here on my little farm in the city. I am a wife, a mom, a grandma to 6 beautiful grandchildren. I live in a very small Mayberry like town in South Carolina . We live on the banks of a small river in the woods. I raise chickens and this year I really plan to try my hand at a small garden so that I can use the products for canning this year. It will be a venture since all we have is this lovely red clay that is hard as a brick, but I have high hopes. I am an avid knitter and crocheter and I love to work on new patterns that I find. You will probably find much of my work here as I finish it. Well thanks for stopping bye and please stop in often and stay as long as you like. Trudy

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Amy's Down Home Cooking:

I  love  to  cook  and  bake.  I LOVE  it and  I love finding  blogs  for  recipe ideas .  I have  found MANY blogs with  fabulous recipes and  there are a few of my  faves.   This  lady  and her  blog is  one of my  all time  favorites , she is the top of my list.  I  have  found this  lady on  face book .  I love  her  creativity, her knowledge and  her cheerful  upbeat  attitude and  willingness to always share.  She is a star in my book.   I love  her  blog and I love her group on Facebook.  If you want an idea  for dinner, or  need some help with some ingredients you have  but  not any idea of what to do with them ......  Amy is your  gal.  Thank you so much Amy, for all you do for us that  are recipe  challenged.  Please  take a few minutes and  check out  her  blog and  enjoy the  recipes;    Her  blog  link is below  and  I know you will love it.

 Amy's Down Home Cooking:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweet Tea and Cornbread: Peanut Butter Cake!

I  LOVE  to bake.  It is what  I do and  I  love it.  Baking and Crochet ,  what  else  is there that  makes me   so happy not  counting my  grandchildren of course.   Anyway  because  I love to bake  I follow  many blogs.  This  one  Sweet Tea and Corn Bread......  they  are  amazing.  They have the  BEST recipes  I have  found and they so  graciously  share them with us .  Thank you folks  for all you do and  I give all the credit  to them for this  recipe . You really must  check out their blog .  You will not  be  disappointed  I promise.

Sweet Tea and Cornbread: Peanut Butter Cake!:     I have had so many requests for a good peanut butter cake with peanut butter frosting, so we decided to make a good one.  This ca...